Minggu, 03 Mei 2009

Graffiti art lesson in schools conducted by artistsThis year’s batch of 25 students assigned to my 15-weeks graffiti workshop is not much different from the previous year. There is somehow the same mix of jokers and dreamers that look alike, but overall they are good kids. I must stress that the principal of this school is a progessive thinker and is supportive of the programme. She dropped by one lesson and told us how this year she does not even have to sell the idea like previously due to the success of last years programme which taught the kids about social issues and responsibility. It is one of the nicer school I’ve worked in and it is also the shooting location for a TV musical ‘Schoolhouse Rockz’ on Kids Central. If you watch closely, you’d probably see some of the damages done by my crew. This workshop is still ongoing so we’ll see if this years batch is better than last years.

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